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Ka Agency

We help small businesses, home improvement companies and real estate entrepreneurs get more traffic and leads with professional WEB DESIGN, LOCAL SEO and DIGITAL MARKETING.

Ka Agency is a is a full-service marketing agency serving clients nationwide.


Web Design, Local SEO and Digital Marketing agency based in Jackson, MS with a presence in Dallas and Minneapolis.

Our Founder

Soden Ka

Soden Ka


aka Khmer Digital Marketer, Real Estate Entrepreneur and Tech Guy.

Born to a successful businesswoman. My mom was pregnant with me in Thailand. I was born in Cambodia and raised in Eagan, MN. I now reside in Central Mississippi. 

In my college years, I focused on entrepreneurship & marketing. I completed a bachelor’s degree in Individualized Studies.

I worked in sales & recruiting and learned a tremendous amount, with a particular focus on digital marketing, branding and customer satisfaction.

Our Values

Act with Integrity
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What We Do Best

Local SEO

Digital Marketing

Web Design/Development


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